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About Us

Our Mission

At Run Nutrition, we know optimal nutrition is an essential ingredient to help fortify your body, mind and spirit with every race and workout. From start to finish, reach for the stars with the solid nutritional goal to be the best runner you can be while maintaining a vision and purpose to run faster, stronger and smarter over all distances.

Our premium line of athletic running supplements are designed with the highest quality ingredients for savvy, health conscious runners who seek to achieve peak performance during the quest for maximum endurance, speed, distance and power.

Whether on the track, along the road or out with nature, 

let Run Nutrition and Distance Fuel travel the distance with you!

The Crew

Dr. Paul Nash, DC

A doctor of chiropractic, certified traditional naturopath, and licensed acupuncturist. With areas of interest including sports and nutrition, martial arts, Chinese injury medicine, healing and massage. Paul has 35+ successful years of experience in health and wellness.

About Us

Alec Dewitz

A full-stack software developer, inventor and former collegiate runner. Alec loves to craft new ideas through helping others achieve a better, healthier life.

About Us

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